What is a Medicaid Waiver Program?

A Medicaid Waiver Program helps provide services to individuals who would otherwise be in an institution, nursing home, or hospital. The program enables those in need to receive long-term care in their community. Prior to 1991, the Federal Medicaid Program paid for services only for those residing in institutions.

What does, “care in their community,” mean?

An example includes providing services that allows a participant to:

  • Remain and live successfully in their own home
  • Function and participate in their community
  • Avoid initialization
What kinds of services does this involve?

Generally, the services include activities that help promote independence.
Examples may include assistance with:

  • Personal care, meals, shopping, errands, scheduling appointments
  • Correspondence and bill paying
  • Escorting the participant to appointments and community events
  • Supervision and monitoring of the participant
How do I access the Medicaid Waiver Program in order to use your services?

An individual or their guardian may apply for the Medicaid Waiver at their local Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS). In Evansville, visit:

  • Vanderburgh County Division of Family Resources
    711 John Street, Suite C
    Evansville, IN 47713
  • You may also request an application packet online, at IN.gov
If the Medicaid Waiver application is approved, what happens next?

Once approved, the individual works with their case manager to select the services they need. This is also the opportunity to select the provider of the services.

When selecting service providers, why should I choose APEX BEHAVIORAL SERVICES?

There are several compelling reasons to entrust us with caring for you or someone you care about:

We ARE our mission:

  • To inspire learning, advance skill-sets, and strengthen the lives of our clients.
  • We identified and evaluated the current flaws in the system. We developed a process that is successfully changing the face of the waiver system in our area.
  • We believe in taking care of the people that take care of our people. That means we attract—and retain—the most caring professionals in the region. In fact, we have a WAITING LIST of excellent individuals wanting to join our stellar staff.